Why Choose a Christian College?

When students set out to choose a college during their final years of high school, there are several things they consider:  location, affordability, and academic opportunities being the first among them. Typically, students only consider attending a Christian university if they were raised in a Christian home and are searching for an environment that will provide opportunities for them to continue to grow in their faith. However, there are many benefits to attending a Christian university even for those who do not adhere to Christian beliefs.

Pursuit of Truth

As an institution of higher learning, Ƶ is dedicated to the pursuit of truth. This pursuit influences every aspect of our core convictions, known as The Ten Pillars. It spurs us on to academic excellence and toward a desire to support students at every step, and in every facet, of their personal journeys. As a result, faculty strive to provide the highest quality education, and staff and student leaders work hard to ensure students are supported socially and emotionally in addition to learning the skills and acquiring the tools they need to be successful in their future professions.

Diversity of Belief

HCU’s student body reflects the cultural diversity of Houston, the most diverse city in the nation, and the religious diversity of local and international communities as well. While the majority of our residential students are Christians of various denominations (roughly 54%), it’s not uncommon to find Muslim, Hindu, and Atheist students in the classroom. Additionally, nearly 40% of our current student population has not declared a religious belief. This religious and cultural diversity is a great benefit to our university, where students seek to understand one another as they live and learn together in a united pursuit of greater wisdom.

Integration of Faith and Learning

HCU’s commitment to the pursuit of truth and the diversity of its student body mean that conversations in the classroom are honest and engaging. As a private, Christian institution, we integrate our faith into the classroom without compromising on quality, empirically researched curriculum that students would expect from other universities. We are also careful to leave room for honest academic discussion and disagreement. In short, at HCU both things are able to be done well. We bring together the truths of the Christian faith with top-notch instruction from industry leading scholars and professionals who make up our dedicated faculty.

An Intimate Community of Lifelong Learners

At HCU, students and faculty from every background journey together in the pursuit of wisdom and truth. We do so in a way that instills a natural desire to continue learning, long after leaving the grounds of our university. For students who share our Christian beliefs, the desire to pursue wisdom comes in response to witnessing the beauty and expanse of God’s creation. We desire to learn all we can about the world God created and in doing so, learn more about our Creator. For those who are not Christian, however, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding is rightly motivated by a desire to put forth the very best of ourselves for the betterment of the world around us. At HCU, we strive to encourage students to chase after both of these goals with hearty persistence and know that our graduates will continue to have incredible impact wherever they go as a result of receiving A Higher Education.

More Reasons to Choose a Christian College

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