HCU BookPass Program

This program offers all students access to their required course materials prior to the start of classes for the same flat rate per credit hour, regardless of major, beginning Fall 2024. This program will simplify and improve how you obtain your required course materials by including them as a student charge for a flat per credit hour fee. However, you may also choose to opt out of the BookPass program and obtain your books yourself directly from the publisher or other booksellers. Textbooks will no longer be available through the HCU Campus Store.

Through this program, all your required course materials will be automatically assigned for you when you register for your classes. These materials will then be prepared by our textbook vendor.

Once prepared, the materials will be available on or before the first day of class via:

  • Blackboard (if digital).
  • Pickup at the campus store.
  • Shipped to your home.

This program allows students to focus on the semester ahead, without having to worry about obtaining the correct materials. HCU BookPass will ensure all students:

  • Are prepared with the correct materials on or before the first day of class.
  • Do not have to stress about sourcing and purchasing their material.
  • Can obtain their required materials at the most affordable price.
  • Have control and choice – which is why students can choose to remain in the program or opt-out with no consequences each semester.

How It Works

Students are automatically enrolled in the program when they register for their classes. Then, the required materials can be accessed by students through Blackboard if the materials are digital, or picked up on campus if physical materials are needed. Students who are not interested in the program can choose to opt out each semester.

Program Benefits

For Students

HCU BookPass improves course material access and affordability,  increases student success outcomes and reduces student stress and unpreparedness.

For Faculty

HCU BookPass ensures all students have required materials before classes begin, provides easy online access to course materials and gives faculty the ability to choose desired materials.

For the Campus

HCU BookPass provides data privacy protections within Blackboard, increased student and faculty satisfaction and equitable access to affordable course materials to all students.