Readmission Process

Welcome back! We are glad that you are considering re-applying to HCU. The University strives to provide our students with the best possible academic and spiritual environment. There is always something new and exciting going on, so look for things that may have changed since you were last here. We look forward to having you on campus again!

Returning Student

A returning student is defined as any student who previously attended HCU, has not been enrolled in courses for one or more semesters (not to include summer), and voluntarily withdrew in good academic standing. Returning student candidates will be reviewed by the Office of Academic Records.

Requirements and Expectations

  • Primary readmission consideration will be your academic record while previously enrolled at HCU.
  • The review of official transcripts from each college or university attended since you were last enrolled at HCU.

Readmission Student Application Process

  • Complete the returning .
  • Submit official transcript(s) from schools attended during HCU separation.
  • Written notification will be emailed to the provided email address within seven business days.

Re-entry Student

A re-entry student is defined as any student who previously attended HCU and was suspended from for academic reasons. Candidates for re-entry will be reviewed in the Admissions Office and, when necessary by the Admissions Review Board. Please see the HCU Catalog for more information on returning from suspension.

Re-entry students – On Campus, Undergraduate Application Process:

  1. Complete the online .
  2. Submit a personal statement of no less than 250 words describing what led to the academic suspension and why you feel that you will now be successful at HCU. Email the statement to Tiffany Charles, Director of Admissions at tcharles@HC.edu
  3. Students may submit a letter of academic recommendation (optional). The letter should preferably come from professors, advisors, or college staff. These can be emailed directly to Tiffany Charles, Director of Admissions at tcharles@HC.edu or brought into the Admissions office in a sealed envelope.
  4. Once the application and statement have been submitted, you may schedule an appointment to meet with the
  5. Tiffany Charles, Director of Admissions by emailing tcharles@HC.edu

Additional Resources for Readmitted Students

The following are items of interest for readmitted students. These items include tools, forms, information and tips to help you during and after your application process.

NOTE: If you were previously accepted, but never enrolled in classes or withdrew with no academic record, please complete an online update form to update your application.

Graduate Student Readmission

Readmission is not guaranteed after a student has been suspended. When reapplying after suspension, the student must submit a personal written statement addressing the student’s efforts to improve during the upcoming semester and plans for improved academic performance in the program, provide two letters of recommendation to the department chair/program director, and schedule and interview with the department chair or program director (the department chair or program director may waive this interview requirement). If admission is denied by the chair/director of the program, the student may appeal the decision in writing to the dean. If admission is denied by the dean, the student may appeal the decision in writing to the university’s Graduate Admission Review Board. A student who is suspended for a second time is not eligible for readmission.