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General Registration Information

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for maintaining an accurate registration record with the Office of Academic Records. Students may view their schedules for accuracy at any time through HuskyNet and should contact the Office of Academic Records if there are any discrepancies.
*Any student registering for an online course will be assessed an online fee. Included in the online fee is a charge for authenticating online student identity.


A ‘hold’ on a student’s record prevents some type of action from taking place (registration, release of a transcript, etc.). If a student has a hold that prevents registration, it will be displayed on the student’s registration status page in the HuskyNet student system. Until the hold is released, the student will be prevented from adding and dropping classes. Students who have registration holds should contact the appropriate administrative office (Financial Services, Office of Academic Records, International Student) about releasing the hold. Note: All administrative holds can be seen on HuskyNet’s “” page.

Special Registration Requests-Add/Drop Exceptions & Overrides

Some course statuses have special registration exceptions/overrides and add/drop deadlines that necessitate administrative approval.  Registration requests that require an advisor’s and/or departmental dean’s approval are listed below.  Based on the nature of the request, Office of the Provost approval may be required.

  • Closed Courses – courses that are closed because they are full
  • Special Courses – courses that, as policy, require you to receive permission prior to registration
  • Pass/Fail Courses – course you wish to designate as Pass/Fail
  • Time Conflicts – Classes that have an overlap in scheduled time
  • Prerequisite Overrides
  • Add/Drop (after specified time period)

Students who would like to submit a special registration request(s) will need to submit the Exception Request Form through the within the student registration menu or you can sign in via your OneLogin and be directed to the corresponding page selected below.

The request form will be available for processing after the previous full term has ended. (ex: requests for spring can be submitted after the full fall term has ended).

An email notification will be sent to your HCU email address to update you on the status of your request.

Registration Process

See your advisor(s)

  • Meet with your primary advisor and your second major advisor, if you have one.
    For questions regarding your advisor(s), contact your major department.
  • A Course Selection Worksheet (refer to the ‘forms’ link to print the form, or obtain a copy of the form from your Advisor, or pick up a copy of the form from the Office of Academic Records.) You are encouraged to use this form to assist in organizing the course(s) you wish to enroll in. Select courses and record the CRN (course reference number) for each course.
  • Upon completion of the meeting with your Advisor, and obtaining your registration PIN number, you may register on the appropriate date.


to complete your registration. A User ID (student ID), log in PIN, and registration PIN are required to register on HuskyNet.


Please feel free to contact our office via email if you have any questions regarding the registration or add/drop process.