Updates on 2024-2025 FAFSA Applications and Estimated Offer Letters

Due to the significant delays in the Department of Education processing, we anticipate processing your FAFSA application in our system by the end of April. We are working diligently to process estimated award offers by the end of April to early May.

We anticipate another update from the Department of Education after May 1st. At that time, we will reprocess financial aid offers and notify you to review your updated offer in the HuskyNet Portal. Our office is dedicated to assisting our students and families with this year’s FAFSA delays.

If you have any questions, please contact our office. Thank you for your patience!

Applying for Financial Aid

At HCU, financial aid is awarded on a first come, first served basis as funding permits. The amount of the student’s award is based on academic merit, financial need and annual limits as specified by program limits. Use the to see how much aid you could receive. Financial need is determined by completing the annually.

The following steps will get you started applying for aid. Be sure to review the timeline and checklist. Read the complete Guide for Financial Aid for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Apply to Ƶ

All financial aid applicants must first apply for admission to Ƶ. You can submit your application online.

Apply to HCU

Step 2: Submit Your FAFSA Application

March 1 is the preferred annual deadline to submit the  to the federal processor. List HCU’s school code number 003576 on your FAFSA. Learn .

Electronic FAFSA filers must either print, sign, and mail the FAFSA signature page to the processor or acquire a FSA ID to sign the application electronically. You may acquire a FSA ID by going to the  and completing the online application. Learn how to get an FSAID for individuals without a social security number.

Submit Your FAFSA

Note: FAFSA will be delayed until December.

Step 3: View/Accept Financial Aid Award(s)

Once we receive your FAFSA application, your financial aid award package will be available to view through your HuskyNet account. Learn how to access your HuskyNet account. Then follow these steps to accept or decline all or some of your financial aid award(s).

View and Accept Aid

Step 4: Submit All Requested Documents via HC.StudentForms.com

All requested documents must be submitted via to complete your financial offered awards. Documents must be received by March 15th to receive priority funding. You will be notified via HCU email about the documents needed to complete your aid application and other documents requested.

Some students are selected for Financial Aid Verification. This is a federal requirement for institutions and aid cannot be disbursed until verification is complete. Learn more about verification and how to complete this requirement if selected.

All Texas Resident Students must complete the TX Residency Questionnaire in . If you do not see the form, email our office.

Submit Documentation

Step 5: Review Your Advisor’s Notes

Once you have completed all of the financial aid requirements and your file is complete, you will be placed into a queue to be reviewed by your Financial Aid Advisor. Your Advisor will notate the file and update records accordingly as complete or incomplete. You can view the requirements in your HuskyNet Portal.

Step 6: Follow Up on Your Awards and Requirements

If your file is reviewed and determined incomplete, you must follow the steps above again to complete any additional requirements. You will receive notices via your HCU email and additional reminders from StudentForms.

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