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Strolling across the campus of Ƶ, you are likely to hear an eclectic mix of voices from across the globe. HCU’s campus is a kaleidoscope of cultures, a vibrant tapestry woven from the threads of over 60

countries. Here, 190 international students bring their unique perspectives and experiences, enriching the University’s intellectual and social atmosphere. Some international students hope to launch their careers in the U.S. after graduation, while others aim to return home to contribute their newfound skills.

In terms of numbers, Nigeria tops the list with 35 students. David Dickson, a nursing student from Nigeria shares, “HCU has been helpful to me as an international student by providing an easily accessible platform to meet other international students. The school has now become a second home to me.” Charles Agha, a Computer Science major, also from Nigeria, echoes this sentiment: “I would say that HCU is welcoming. No matter where you’re from, you’ll always be accepted by all communities on campus.”

India follows closely with 14 students, their diverse backgrounds adding another layer to the vibrant mix. “I can safely vouch for the University’s unwavering dedication to our success,” says Naushad Dawoodani, an MBA student specializing in Data Analytics. “HCU genuinely defines inclusive education and support services for international students.”

Sohee Park serves as HCU’s International Student Services Graduate Assistant. A native of South Korea, she holds a Mass Media Arts Degree. Sohee experienced HCU’s extraordinary international student services firsthand. “I applied to many different colleges, but HCU was the most helpful,” Sohee says. “I wanted a place that cared about me beyond just academics but also my future career.”

Students from Mexico, Angola, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands also find a home at HCU. Nine students hail from Honduras and six from Vietnam, adding to HCU’s diverse student demographic.

In terms of geographic proximity, the furthest international students likely come from South Africa or Australia, their journeys symbolizing the University’s global reach. Despite the vast geographical distance, HCU’s commitment to a “high care environment” resonates with these students, who find themselves welcomed with open arms.

HCU’s international student population has grown steadily over the years. Shannon Bedo, the University’s Director of International & Veteran Services, attributes the population increase to several factors. The cornerstone is the “high care” environment. HCU fosters a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring every student feels valued and supported. Houston itself, the most diverse city in the U.S., provides a familiar cultural backdrop for many international students. Additionally, HCU offers merit scholarships to international students, making quality education accessible to a wider range of applicants.

Most importantly, while HCU is a Christian institution, it embraces students from all backgrounds. The University provides opportunities for spiritual growth for those interested, while respecting the diverse beliefs of its student body. Many students encounter Christianity for the first time at HCU, and the University offers them a safe space to explore their faith journey.

HCU’s campus stands as a testament to the power of education to bridge cultures and continents. The “Many Flags of HCU” wave not just as symbols of different nationalities, but as evidence of the University’s commitment to fostering a global learning community.

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