Community Life and Worship

As the cornerstone of HCU’s holistic approach to education, the Community Life and Worship program unites the intellectual and the spiritual to prepare students for meaningful lives of leadership, distinction, and service. As an active member of our supportive, diverse, faith-based community of learners, you will be encouraged to develop professional behaviors and personal characteristics for lifelong learning and service to God and the community.

Graduation Requirement

Arequirement for graduation from HCU is involvement on a regular basis in spiritual formation events. All students seeking an undergraduate degree must complete the 80 CLW credit requirement before graduation. A minimum of 50 CLW (A) credits must be earned through attendance at Convocation. Students are highly encouraged to garner a minimum of 15 credits per semester. Students can earn as many CLW credits per semester as their schedule allows until the full requirement is met before graduation.

Transfer Students

Transfer students will receive transfer credit of 3/4 credit for every transfer hour. For example, a student with 40 transfer hours will receive 30 CLW credits towards the requirement of 80 CLW credits.

Attendance and Tracking

A representative designated by the Spiritual Life Office will be available at approved events to assist students with recording attendance.

  • The student is responsible for having his/her attendance recorded by using a cell phone to scan a QR Code or having his/her H number readily available.
  • Participants do not receive credit when they arrive late, leave early, fail to sign-in or scan-in, or distract someone else from participating.
  • Students may check their CLW records on their HuskyNet account.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Spiritual Life Office with any questions regarding his or her CLW record.
  • In the case of a discrepancy in the student CLW record, changes in credit must be addressed by the end of the following semester.
  • A minimum of 50 CLW credits must be obtained through attendance at Convocation.

Students enrolled in the Pampell Online Division undergraduate degree program will complete their CLW credits through Blackboard.

Petitions Policy

All students seeking an undergraduate degree must complete the 80 CLW credit requirement (with a minimum of 50 CLW accrued through Convocation). No petitions are accepted requesting a decrease in the CLW credit requirement.


CLW Opportunities

The Community Life and Worship program allows you to choose from and participate in a variety of activities – from on-campus worship services and small group studies to community service and mission opportunities – designed to foster the deepening of your faith and a life of discipleship. Choosing to participate in any, or all, of the many ministry opportunities available at HCU will help you experience the joy that comes from being part of something bigger than yourself that encourages you to make a difference in our campus community and beyond. A minimum of 50 CLW (A) credits must be obtained through attendance at Convocation.

  • Convocation is considered the equivalent of chapel on other campuses and is a vital part of our HCU community.

    All Convocation dates are scheduled according to fall, spring, and summer academic calendars:

    • Wednesdays from 11:00 am to 11:50 am Dunham Theater
    • Thursdays from 4:00 pm to 4:50 pm in Belin Chapel


  • Convocation is considered the equivalent of chapel on other campuses and is a vital part of our HCU community.

    All Convocation dates are scheduled according to fall and spring academic calendars:

    • Wednesdays from 11:00 am to 11:50 am in Dunham Theater
    • Thursdaysfrom 4:00 pm to 4:50 pm in Belin Chapel

    Convocation speakers for Fall 2024 will be available soon!

  • February 26 | 11:00am & 6:00pm

    February 27 | 11:00am and 4:00pm

    Dunham Theater

    Each service is 2 CLW – A

  • Kaleo Small Groups – Summer 2024

    See below the CLW B credit opportunities for Summer 2024. You may earn up to 30 CLW credits as CLW B credits.

    Maranatha International Church Zoom Bible Study

    Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 pm
    Location: Zoom Meeting ID: 764 186 0169 – Password: 2021
    1 CLW B credit
    Contact Dr. Felisi Sorgwe for more information.

    Growing in Christ

    This study, led by Saleim Kahleh, is designed to help think about the fundamentals of living a Christian life.
    Wednesdays June 5 – July 24 | Noon – 1:00 pm in Brown 286 (Spiritual Life conference room)
    Contact skahleh@hc.edu for more information.
    1 CLW B credit

    Be sure and connect with our parachurch partners and find out how to be involved in Bible studies and worship during the 24-25 academic year.

    Baptist Student Ministry (BSM)

    (Follow on Instagram at @hcu_bsm)
    Contact Nathan Mahand for more information.

    Campus Outreach

    Contact Paola Herrera and Enrique Herrera for more information.

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

    Contact Eldred Rivas for more information. Follow on Instagram @hbufca.


    Contact Pete Aldrich for more information.


    Contact Derek Hee and Sarah Smoak for information.

    Ratio Christi

    Contact Bill Scottfor more information.

    College Young Life

    Contact Anthony Richardsonfor more information.

  • The Dunham Bible Museum houses six important opportunities for students to receive CLW credit. A student can receive CLW-B Credits indicated below per each of the following exhibits:

    • The Early Bibles – 2 CLW B credits
    • Bible in America – 2 CLW B credits
    • The Bible & Literature – 2 CLW B credits
    • Bible on the Moon/Treasured Word/St. John’s Bible– 2 CLW B credits
    • Celebrating the Life of Jesus Christ in 5 Centuries of Bible Art – 2 CLW B credits
    • Stations of the Cross Walking Tour – 3 CLW B credits

    For more information, please contact Dr. Diana Severance at 281-649-3287 or visit HC.edu/biblemuseum.

    • Ignite (Fall and Spring) (2 CLW A credits per convocation)
    • See You at the Pole – September 25, 2024 (1 CLW B credit)
    • HCU Sponsored Mission Trips (5 CLW B credits per week)
    • Other Mission Trips: pre-approved (up to 5 CLW B credits per week)
    • University Sponsored Lectures (1 CLW B credit if applicable)
    • Seminars & Special Opportunities (2-3 CLW B credits if applicable)
    • Organization Sponsored Events (1 CLW B credit if applicable)

    Reminder that a minimum of 50 CLW credits must be attained through attendance at Convocation.

    For more information see opportunities below and watch for the weekly Student Newsletter for more details. Contact the Spiritual Life Office if you have questions.





  • Mark your calendars for October 1-3, 2024

    in Dunham Theater! More to come!

  • Recordings of the lecture series can be checked out at Moody Library Circulation Desk (2nd Floor) for viewing in the Library. Students must provide thoughtful, original reflections to a series of questions, which are provided by the Spiritual Life Office. Credit will be given for responses that meet these criteria.

    Contact:Spiritual Lifefor the Reflection Instruction document
    (1 CLW-B Credit per video/up to 12 CLW-B Credits)

  • Unavailable until further notice

    Students participating in a Church Leadership Internship are students that are guiding, directing, and/or presiding over an activity, program or group of people with a church/ministry setting. Leadership consists of more than attendance, service, participation and management.

    Other components of this leadership opportunity include:

    • An initial written proposal
    • An on-site supervisor and accountability group
    • A final reflection paper.

    Deadlines & Other Notes:

    • All work must be turned in by the designated deadline(s) by the end of the semester of service.
    • Up to twenty (20) CLW credits are given upon successful completion of the Church Leadership Internship.
    • The Church Leadership Internship (for CLW credit) may not be used in conjunction with meeting academic requirements and/or receiving monetary compensation.
    • The student must complete 30 hours of service over one semester at the same Christian ministry site.
    • There is a career limit of one CLI for CLW credits.
    • The Spiritual Life Office must approve the proposal before the CLI service hours begin.

    If interested in participating, submit a written proposal describing the ministry opportunity you plan to lead to the Spiritual Life Office.

  • Unavailable until further notice

    Students interested in serving others and desiring to make an impact in their community can participate in aService Learning Internship(SLI).

    • Students serve 30 hours at a faith-based nonprofit agency over a period of one semester.
    • Students will reflect on an article that is assigned as well as turn in a final project that expresses the experiences and lessons learned throughout the internship.
    • Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements, students receive 20 CLW credits.
    • Studentsmustapply and be accepted by the Spiritual Life Office prior to beginning the internship.

    How to sign up:

    1. Attend an orientation meeting.
      • During orientation, you will be given all internship materials and guidelines.
      • All orientations are held in the conference room on the second floor of Baugh in the Spiritual Life suite.
      • E-mail the Spiritual Life Office to schedule a time for an orientation
    2. After discussing your majors and interests, we will match you with an agency that best suits you.
    3. Once you have found an agency and have signed a Service-Learning student contract, you can start serving!

    What’s involved?

    • Over a period of one semester you will serve 30 hours at one non-profit organization.
    • Each time you serve, you will have your supervisor sign your timesheet.
    • After completing 10 hours, you will read a 3 page article on service and respond to 3 reflection questions.
    • Once you have served all 30 hours,interns complete a final paper (3-5) pages or a visual display of your experience (i.e. Photo Journal, Picture Collage, Scrapbook, etc.)

    All work must be turned in by the Monday of the last full week of classes in order to receive your 20 CLW Credits.