Academic Centers and Institutes

Ƶ academic centers and institutes stimulate rigorous research and reflection across our campus, moving out into our community. With an unwavering dedication to the biblical principles enumerated in our Ten Pillars, these collaborative efforts uphold those convictions, seek to extend the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding, and translate ideas into transformative applications that support our students, promote further scholarly inquiry, and serve the city we call home. These centers embody the University’s dynamic commitment to instill a passion for academic, spiritual, and professional excellence because Jesus Christ is Lord.

University-Wide Institutes

Institute of Christianity and Scholarship

At Ƶ, our philosophy of education and passion for excellence is driven by our central confession that Jesus Christ is Lord. Reclaiming the central place that the reality of Jesus has in ordering and orienting all human knowledge, the Institute of Christianity and Scholarship (ICS) helps faculty to intentionally consider how this bold confession influences every academic discipline and develops meaningful ways to integrate faith and learning for their students and in their research. Through faculty development cohorts, seminars, trainings, and travel funds, ICS supports the University’s efforts to see all of our academic programs proclaim the stunning truth, “Christ is before all things, and in him all things hold together” (Col 1:17).


Morris Family Center for Law & LibertyIndependence-Hall-e1661182776122

The Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty stands as a reminder to all that no matter what you look like, where you are from, or who your parents are, the United States provides more opportunity for personal growth and advancement than any other nation in the world because of its foundation in the rule of law, its commitment to individual liberty, and the benefits of a free market system. The full-scale replica of eighteenth-century Independence Hall makes a gorgeous addition to the campus architecture and serves as an educational hub for the Center’s community programs defending our nation’s founding principles that will inspire students and visitors for generations to come. Made possible by the generosity of Stewart Morris, his family, and many other committed donors.


McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprisestudents

HCU’s McNair Center awakens a new generation of confident, entrepreneurial leadership while upholding the creative and ethical principles of the American competitive free enterprise system. The center catalyzes student and community leaders to launch new and innovative business ventures, preparing them with the tools and experience they need through academic research, case study analysis, mentorship, competitions, and real-world experiences. Thanks to the generosity of The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation, HCU is a national member of the McNair Center, joining with other programs at Rice University and the University of South Carolina.


Gideon Institute for Christian Counseling

The Gideon Institute for Christian Counseling, located within the HCU College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, is committed to fostering Christ-centered, biblically rooted, and clinically competent soul care. Accomplishing these goals through education, research, and training, the Gideon Institute equips future Christian counselors and psychologists to be leaders in their field through compassionate care for those struggling with spiritual and mental health challenges. The Institute organizes training conferences for pastors and therapists, provides speakers at national events, publishes books and articles, and produces research in these integrated fields from a Christian worldview.


Center for Learning Innovations and Teaching ExcellenceCyber security student

The Center for Learning Innovations and Teaching Excellence (C-LITE) builds a student-centered environment at HCU by encouraging an active and innovative learning community with resources and engaging programs for faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, and graduate assistants. C-LITE empowers faculty and staff to design and implement educational innovations in the advancement of academic excellence at HCU. C-LITE’s programs promote evidence-based teaching strategies, offer consultations and observations that give faculty collegial feedback and coaching, and create other resources and community partnerships that enhance learning innovations and teaching excellence.


Spahr-Tan-RibboncuttingSpahr-Tan Center for International Education

The Spahr-Tan Center for International Education helps create and grow global initiatives with the goal of enabling any qualified HCU undergraduate to successfully study abroad. The Spahr-Tan Center empowers students to take full advantage of the cross-cultural educational opportunities that HCU has to offer because a well-rounded education requires exploring the world beyond the classroom. Students receive the opportunity to engage with the world outside their community and to grow a global perspective on what it means to be a citizen and a disciple of Jesus.

Archie W. Dunham College of Business


Center for Christianity and Business

The Center for Christianity and Business (CCB), an initiative of the Archie W. Dunham College of Business, is dedicated to helping current and future Christian business leaders to fully integrate biblical values throughout their personal and professional lives. The CCB encourages students by instilling a biblical business ethic that follows them into their future professional careers.  The Center encourages and enables business leaders to live out their faith confidently and to seek excellence in all things. CCB develops effective leaders and inspires them to be good stewards and bold witnesses in every economic sector.

School of Christian Thought


Center for the Foundations of Ethics

The Center for the Foundations of Ethics at Ƶ is devoted to exploring the evidences for moral reality and produces quality scholarly work engaging moral arguments for the existence of God. The Center pursues avenues of inquiry regarding the sanctity of life, the inherit value and uniqueness of human persons, the universal dignity of all people, inviolable human rights, universal signs of God’s existence, authoritative moral obligations, the possibility of ethical knowledge, and the need for moral forgiveness. This important work equips believers and local churches to employ these intellectual arguments accessibly in their daily evangelism.


Center for Exploring Ministry Careers spiritual life

The Center for Exploring Ministry Careers partners with the Department of Theology to support students as they explore future Christian vocations. The Center’s primary goal is to prepare students for a life of service to the Church that is characterized by biblical truth, a beautiful faith, and a flourishing ministry. To support this process of discernment and holistic personal formation, the Center connects students to churches for internships and other educational experiences in the context of applied ministry and facilitates scholarships available for future ministers through Texas Baptists.

College of Science and Engineering


Houston Cyber Education Centercyber education

The Houston Cyber Education Center (HCEC) at Ƶ serves students, alumni, and the community in working towards closing the cybersecurity skills gap. HCEC offers accelerated training programs designed to successfully prepare people with little to no background in information technology for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity—a highly in-demand and lucrative career path. These educational programs deliver the technical knowledge and essential skills employers expect for a new hire to excel in the fast-growing, rapidly changing field of cybersecurity.