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HCU Abroad

HCU Abroad is dedicated to fostering transformative cross-cultural experiences rooted in the principles of Christian faith. Our mission is to empower students to engage with diverse cultures, broaden their perspectives, and deepen their understanding of global issues within the context of Christian values.

How to Study and Serve Abroad?

HCU students can study abroad through customized study abroad courses, university partners abroad, or through HCU’s partnership with the Study Abroad providers: Veritas Abroad, Living and Learning International, Academic Programs Abroad, and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) GlobalEd. Students interested in studying abroad can browse all program options and apply through our .

Department Info

Service Abroad and Study Abroad functions through the Office of the Provost and is a collaborative endeavor across the colleges and service units of the university. HCU  Abroad functions in accordance with the University Mission and central confession that “Jesus Christ is Lord.” HCU Abroad supports each of the ten pillars and emphasizes Pillar IX: Cultivate a Strong Global Focus.

Study Abroad Options

The HCU faculty serve as sponsors for approved customized study abroad courses. Eligible students may then register for these opportunities and meet with the faculty sponsor to obtain the course syllabi, travel itinerary, and additional course and travel details.  Customized study abroad courses may be taught by HCU faculty or through transfer agreements with universities outside of the United States for which earned transfer credit is received by HCU for students completing customized study abroad courses. To find what faculty-led courses are offered by HCU, add the filter “Faculty/Teacher Led” under Program Type filter in our new HCU Abroad Portal.

Are you a faculty member interested in leading a group of students abroad? Find more information about faculty led programs.

Travel Insurance

HCU partners with to be our preferred insurance provider for students who are traveling abroad. Learn more about HCU Study Abroad Travel Insurance.